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we love music!

Music lessons, should be fun, safe and affordable. All of our teachers are degreed, background-checked and experienced on their respective instrument. 

Areas of study


Whether you’re looking to strum gentle acoustic melodies or shred on an electric guitar, we’ll help you find a teacher who understands your interests and goals. We also provide lessons in bass guitar, ukulele, and other string instruments – contact us to learn more!


Ready to launch your singing career? Or maybe you just want to sing better in the shower – either way, we’ll connect you with a qualified vocal teacher that’s right for you. We also provide voice lessons combined with piano, guitar, and other instruments as vocal accompaniment.


Our highly qualified teachers provide piano lessons for all levels and styles, from classical to contemporary and everything in between. Throughout the year, we offer a variety of performance opportunities to help aspiring musicians grow in confidence and strengthen their skills.


Our talented drum teachers provide lessons for all ages and levels. We’ll help connect you with an instructor with experience and expertise in whatever style of drums you’re interested in learning.


This instrument is a crowd favorite because of how easy it is to learn. We’ll have you playing all your favorite songs in no time!


Here at Base Music Studio, we value live performances. That’s why we hold 2 yearly concerts at Jim’s Music Center. It’s a fun, healthy, and safe environment for those first time performers!